Sunday, February 22, 2009

Get Your Stories Published

The Tampa Marketing Company is seeking contributing authors for Five Books to be published in June 2009. The Collections for 2009 are:

1. Ghost Stories and Unusual Tales.
Fictional stories about ghosts, spirits, and the paranormal

2. What Sports (and Sports Viewing) Is Really About
Fictional stories about why people are so attached to sports activities. Stories can be about the activity itself, friendships made, or almost any aspect of the sports world.

3. Depression/Recession ? The Economy in 2009.
Fictional and/or testimonial stories about hardships faced in todays economy.

4. Relationships: the Good , the Bad, and the Funny
Fictional stories about the good, the funny, and the bad side of relationships.

5. Measures of Time, A Collection of Contemporary Poetry.
Creative poetry reflecting todays emotions, living, and times.

Compensation and Submission Information:
Short Story writers will be paid $50 upon approval of their story for publication and will receive 4 books upon publishing. Poets will receive $25 and 2 books for each poem accepted.
Authors may submit more than one story or poem. Fees will be paid within 30 days of receipt of an executed Writer Acceptance Agreement.
Story must be original, on topic, and all rights to the story must belong to the author.
Deadline for entry is March 31,2009.
Selections will be made by April 10, 2009.

To Submit a Story:
Email story to

Heading must indicate which subject area the story belongs to and title of the article.
Name, address, phone, and email of the author must be provided. Story must be submitted in a Microsoft Word File. Stories to not be longer than 3,000 words. Poetry limited to 1,500 words

Availability of Finished Books. The books will be available for pre-order and will be extensively marketed through all available store and online outlets. ORDER BOOKS AND GET MORE INFORMATION at

About Us: Tampa Marketing Company publishes the Davis Islands Community News, a 24,000 distribution monthly publication in Tampa, Florida. Additionally, the Company own/manages/or represents almost 1oo websites including and Company President Bill Sharpe is President of the Davis Islands Chamber of Commerce and Tampa Ghost Watchers, Florida's largest Paranormal investigative team.


  1. Hi Bill,

    Beautiful view of Tampa. ;o) I'm going to gather some ghostly words for your anthology.

    Have a beautiful day.

    ~ Aithne Jarretta, Paranormal Romance Author

  2. You neglected to state what rights you are interested in buying.

  3. The email you provided has a full mailbox. I'll try again later.

  4. What rights are you interested in buying?

  5. All my emails to you bounce. :-(

  6. Have all of the accepted authors been contacted?
    Thank you.

  7. I'm interested in knowing as well, Chris. No responses have been posted on Duotrope, and
    nothing has been filled in here:

  8. I emailed a query, maybe they will answer, with 2,000 submissions and 200 accepted, I don't know if that means we're out or not so I asked. Hope they answer.

  9. They are backed up by about 30 days, going through the 2,000 submissions, they will get back with us asap.

  10. Thanks for the info, Chris!

  11. I got accepted, just need to send the writer agreement back. They apologize for the delay because they had a lot of submissions to go through.
    Here is an updated link-
    They are still accepting submissions for some of the anthologies through May 20th.

    Happy Writing!

  12. Congratulations, Linda!

  13. Nice work Linda! I haven't received a reply either way, so it's nice to still have that shred of hope ;)

  14. Dear Bill,
    I'm still looking for a response,too. I have two stories with you under ghost/unusual.
    Do you respond to rejects?


  15. Hmm

    Still waiting, though I guess it's less than a week over the most recent deadline (Linda said 20 May).

    Mine was a really excellent story, so I'm still hopeful.


  16. Anyone know what's happening with these anthologies? Everything seems to be in a holding pattern. I just status queried Mr. Sharpe on the poem I submitted.

  17. It's beginning to look like this market has died a silent and horrible death. I certainly haven't heard back, and my query of a month ago also hasn't garnered a reply. I'll hang around until I find somewhere better for the story, but I doubt any of us will ever hear back. (It's also, sadly, possibly that Linda is a fake - although it's more likely that she WAS accepted, but things fell apart after that. Been there, experienced that.)

    Don't send the editors hate mail - they probably weren't paid, so they only deserve pity for trying to do a good thing.


  18. I would like some sort of update, too. I do know of one person (other than the above commenter Linda) who was accepted for the relationship anthology back in April. However, that's the only book that has had any sort of news.

    I would appreciate if the publisher would post something here or on the other website. Just let us know if the project is moving forward.

  19. I suspect the crappy economy has much to do with this. I, too, had a story accepted back in April, but have heard nothing since. The publisher probably hoped for many pre-orders to help fund the project, but this didn't pan out. I'm still crossing my fingers ... I was especially looking forward to the ghost stories!

  20. I was just checking back to see if there was any updates on this. I sent an email to Mr. Sharpe on June 19th and recieved an email back that this was the first anthology book project that they were working on and that they wanted to get it right. He said payments would start going out the following week. It has been 6 weeks now and I have not received payment or any emails. I thought I would check here first before emailing Mr. Sharpe again.

    I'm not a fake.

  21. Sorry to hear that, Linda.

    I never received a response to my status query, so I withdrew my poem (didn't receive a response to that, either).

    I hope you receive payment and the project goes through.

  22. Hi, All,

    It is now the end of August. I have received neither payment nor anthology. I signed a contract for a short story entitled "Cowboy Take Me Away" for the Relationships anthology which was supposed to have been published some months ago. I received no replies to my email queries leaving me in limbo and quite perplexed.

    Jacqueline Seewald

  23. hello people also like you i have submitted a story. i have searched online at the better business bureau at and i searched for the tampa marketing & associates it has no rating due to the fact they went out of business. so thats what they say. just pray to god it isnt.

  24. Well I will be pulling my story from this. It is so sad that no one was given an update or information. I don't mind waiting but with no info and the book supposedly going to print "July 1, 2009" and having neither book nor payment, this endeavour feels like a waste of time.